"Epic" Mounting Shelf

"Epic" Mounting Shelf


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A smart solution to give your arched or angled windows a way to support those hard to mount blinds and/or shades more than 5 feet wide. Our “Epic Shelf” is made from our "Phoenix" real wood and is made for virtually any environment from heat to low moisture to exposure.

The “Epic" Mounting Shelf – A smooth semi-gloss finish with many color choices and supports a maximum weight of 50 lbs.  More than enough for any blind, shade or shutter frame.

With a Dovetail joint at each end, it makes for an easy installation.

Your Price starting at $85

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Width: 10" up to 96-1/8" (in 1/8" increments)
Depth: 2" to 4" (in 1/8" increments)

• If ordering a shelf without a blind/shade, there are no factory deductions.
• When ordering a shelf with a blind/shade, the factory will deduct 1/32".
• The anchoring block is 1/2"
• Made from our premium "Phoenix" wood
• For Inside Mount Only
• Up to 96" wide
• 1-1/2" Face Height x 2" or 4" Depth
• Can be ordered with a Blind/Shade
• Holds up to 50 lbs

• Comes with Instructions.
• Comes with the 4 required screws.
• A tape measure and/or a level,a screw driver and/or drill driver is all that's needed.

• Span Up to 96" in 1/8" increments
• Face height of 1-1/2”
• Depth of 2“ to 4” (based on ordered length)
• For an Inside Mount only
• Dovetail Anchor Joints
• Limited to a maximum length of 96”
• Maximum weight limit/load of 50 lbs.