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Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips for Shopping and Ordering Window Treatments

Tip 1 - Measure Accurately

Important! Do not assume every window will have the exact same inside mount dimensions even if it may be the same size frame as the one in another room.  Wood casings and sheetrock usually get shimmed before their final finish and can range up to a 1/4” difference even if the glass widow frame is the size as in another room.   Remember to always supply us with Width first then the Height.  See our Measuring Windows Form.  You can print this form and use it to keep track of each windows dimensions and the room name.  We will use this room name as your “Room Tag” so when your blind is delivered the label on the box will tell you exactly the room and where it’s to be installed.

Tips 2 – Tall/Hard to Reach Windows

Can you reach the top of your window? Most blinds and shades today come with the new cordless feature but can be hard to reach to raise and lower the blind.  You may need to add an extension tool to your order.  They aren’t expensive.  Roman and Roller shades have one type of tool while Honeycomb have a different tool.  We recommend you order the tool by itself then get an extension pole at the local hardware store to attached to the tool and meet your reach needs.  Cordless is here due to the child protection laws of December 2018. Our blinds and shades only come cordless.

Tip 3 – Light-Filtering or Room-Darkening

Room darkness is different with each product.  Honeycomb and Roman Shades with the light guard will give you the best room darkening control – up to about 95%.  Roller Shades allow a little more light since they have a little more gap on each side from the bracket system.  Making them about 80% room darkening.  Louvered blinds fit better at their sides but allow more light through the slats.  They will make your room darker by about 70%-75%.  Shutters can give you some of the best room darkening as well. They can give you up to 90%-95% room darkening.

Tip 4 – Style and Functionality

Consider the type or style of the room where you want to install blinds, shades, or shutters.  Are you looking for a soft feel? Usually Honeycomb, Roller Shades, and Roman Shades fit in this category since they are made from fabrics.  Are you looking for a more elegant feel?  Sheer materials like that in the Honeycomb, Sheer Shades and Sheer Vertical/Drape type systems are the best for these type applications.  Mini-blinds, Faux Wood Blinds and Wood Blinds will give you particularly good light control and work great in casual rooms, playrooms, and office space areas.  Cordless AND Routeless together in our Wood and Faux Wood blinds are the best in a louvered slat blind for better room darkening and privacy.

Tip 5 - Privacy

How important is privacy through your window in the room where you want to install a new blind?  Sunscreen Roller Shades, Sheer Shades will allow someone to see through to the area that is brighter.  In other words, during the daylight hours, it is harder to see in through the shades.  However, at night it is just the opposite.  What you can see through the shade from the inside to the outside during the daylight hours, others will be able to see in from the outside at night.  If you like this sheer material look but reduce the bleaching effect of the sunlight through your window, then consider our Elegance Sheer Shades or the Elegant 2 Sheer Vertical/Drape systems.



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