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The Window Blind Store, Inc.


The Window Blind Store, Inc. guarantees every blind will be made according to your order. What we do NOT do, is guarantee replacement if you make a mistake.  We offer the lowest prices available anywhere! We do NOT build in extra money on each product in case there are mistakes made, unlike many of our competitors.  However, if we make the mistake, then it’s our responsibility to fix that mistake and we will promptly at no charge to you!

Please make sure when you place your order, you have properly and accurately measured your windows. Width first, across the top, middle and bottom, then the height.  Be sure to measure each window then label that window for the blind name.  Don’t assume every window casing is the same even if the window frames are the same size.  If you have any questions, call us.  You can print out the Measuring Windows.pdf to write down and keep track of your dimensions and window name.  Remember to measure to the closest 1/8” without going beyond the dimension of your window.  Also see the Fractions Breakdown.pdf.

Color Disclaimer

All of the color swatches shown on our website may look different depending on your computer monitor. Due to hues and color adjustments for personal viewing, they may not be an exact match when you receive your product. Prior to ordering, if the color you want needs to be very specific, please contact us about receiving a color sample or swatch(es).  253-839-1513 or 1-800-710-8809 or



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