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About Us

The Window Blind Store, Inc.

About Us

We, here at, have more than 30 years of experience.  It is our continued commitment and goal to provide the highest standards of doing what, when and how we say with the service we provide.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not build in extra money to our pricing to cover customer mistakes. However, if we make a mistake it will be our responsibility to fix that mistake at no expense to the customer with the least amount of hassle and as quickly as possible.

There is no extra charge for a Lifetime Warranty, and there are no extra service fees.  When you checkout, there will be no added fees or charges unless you add them.

We are here to help any customer walk through the process of ordering and fitting their blinds. We have built this site to be the easiest and most trouble-free to use.

With the 30+ years of experience, we would hope that you find us the most knowledgeable and helpful with our products. That goes for the type/style of blind, color and installation for your window covering.



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